Roster of the U.S.S. Ceres


We are interested in obtaining copies of any records, photos, diaries or letters pertaining to these Sailors. We are also interested in receiving family information and grave location. Also of interest would be ship information, photos or drawings. Additions, changes or comments to this roster are welcome. Please respond to Edward Boots.

History of the Ceres

Not only was the Ceres present at the Battle of Plymouth,

it was used later to tow the captured Albemarle to Norfolk, VA!

Sailors are listed by Name - Rank - Race (If other than White) - Service History

BELL, Felix - Landsman.

BRENNAN, Michael - Landsman.

CARMACK, John - Landsman - Mulatto - Born in Baltimore, MD. Enlisted 2 Feb 64 at Baltimore, MD; a 20 year old Waiter. Later was assigned to the USS Kineo.

CONNER, James - Coal Heaver.

DEAN, George A - Acting Third Assistant Engineer. Rated Acting Third Assistant Engineer on 6 Jan 1864. Wounded and captured 19 April 1864 at Plymouth, NC. Sent to Andersonville, GA. Released. Resigned 29 March 1865. Married to Alice. Living in Baltimore, MD in 1890.

DENNETT, Robert O. - 2nd Assistant Engineer. Born about 1830 in New Hampshire, the son of Nathaniel & Catherine Dennett. Enrolled from Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., NH. Rated Acting 3d Assistant Engineer on 17 Dec 62 and Acting 2nd Assistant Engineer on 1 Feb 64. Appointment to 2nd Assistant Engineer revoked 10 Oct 64 due to illness. Assigned to the USS Delaware in 1864.

DONNELLY, Peter - Landsman.

DUBBS, Abraham Light - Landsman. Born 10 Dec 1839 in Lebanon Co., PA, son of David & Veronica Frances (Light) Dubbs. Enlisted 30 Sept 63 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, U.S. Recruiting Ship North Carolina, a Shoemaker from Lebanon, PA. Served on the Ceres and Savannah. Discharged 22 Nov 64 from the Savannah at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Married to Justina Bromwell? in 1868 at Lebanon, PA. Justina died in 1872. Died 29 Jan 1905. Buried in Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Lebanon, Lebanon Co., PA. Headstone

FLYNN, John J. - Landsman. Born Jan 1845 in Maine. Wounded during an engagement with 7 batteries on the Roanoke River, NC. A shell struck the Ceres and took his right arm off and part of his left. Taken to the hospital at Plymouth, NC. Captured 20 April 1864 at Plymouth. Held captive at a jail in Raleigh, NC and then Augusta & Andersonville. Exchanged via Libby Prison, under guard, then to Washington for discharge. Harbor Master at Bangor, ME & member of Beale Post GAR. Died 1 Dec 1920 in Bangor, Penobscot Co., ME.

FOSTER, Henry H. - Acting Master. Born in New York. Rated Acting Master's Mate 6 March 62 and Acting Master 8 May 62. Assigned as the commanding officer of the Ceres in 1864. In command of the Ceres on May 5, 1864 during the Battle of Albemarle Sound against the Albemarle. Honorably discharged 4 Nov 65.

FOSTER or FOWLER, Richard - 3d Assistant Engineer.

FRANK, John A. - 3d Assistant Engineer. Born in Virginia. Enlisted from Maryland. Rated Acting 3d Assistant Engineer 24 Nov `63. Honorably discharged 26 July `65. Re-entered the Navy as Acting 3d Assistant Engineer 24 March 1866. Assigned to the USS Miantonomoh with the European Squadron in 1867. Also listed as FRANKS.

GALLAGHER, Edward - Quarter Master

GIDDINGS, Edward - Landsman - Black - Born in Baltimore, MD. Enrolled 18 Jan 64 at Baltimore, MD; a 24 year old Waiter. Crucifiction tatoo on right arm. Loss of first joint on ring finger on right hand.

HAND, Alexander - Quartermaster. Naval Medal of Honor. Born 1836 in New Castle Co., Delaware, the son of Alexander & Rebecca Hand. Assigned to the Ceres on 1 Sept 61. Served on board the U.S.S. Ceres in the fight near Hamilton, Roanoke River, NC on 9 July 1862. Fired on by the enemy with small arms. He courageously returned the raking enemy fire and was spoken of for "good conduct and cool bravery under enemy fire," by the commanding officer.

HARTY, Patrick - Landsman.

HILL, Robert - 2nd Class Boy - Black - Born in Bertie Co., NC. Enlisted 1 Feb 63 at Plymouth, NC; a 19 year old Slave. Served on the Commodore Perry until transferred to the Southfield. Transferred to the Ceres after the sinking of the Southfield. Deserted 1 July 64.

HITCHENS, William - Landsman - Mulatto - Born in Baltimore, MD. Enlisted 2 Feb 64 at Baltimore, MD; a 20 year old Waiter.

HOPKINS, James B. or R. - Acting Master's Mate. Born in Massachusetts. Rated Acting Master's Mate 22 or 28 Jan `63. Honorably discharged 26 Oct 65.

JAMES, William - Landsman.

JONES, Isaiah - Landsman - Mulatto - Born in Baltimore, MD. Enlisted 7 Feb `64 at Baltimore, MD; a 36 year old Cook & Waiter.

KEATING, James - Coal Heaver.

KELLEY, John - Second Class Fireman. Naval Medal of Honor. Born in Ireland. Served as second class fireman on board the Ceres in the fight near Hamilton, Roanoke River, NC on 9 July 1862. When his ship was fired on by the enemy with small arms, Kelley returned the raking fire, courageously carrying out his duties through the engagement and was spoken of for "good conduct and cool bravery under enemy fires," by the commanding officer.

KOONTZ, John William - 2nd Class Fireman. Born 1847 in MD. Also served on the Allegheny & North Carolina. Married to Matilda "Tillie." Died 27 July 1921 in Washington, DC. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery, VA.

LYNN, Robert - Coal Heaver.

McCOY, Francis - Coal Heaver. Probably died 23 April 1924 and buried in Bath National Cemetery, NY.

MULLEN, Thomas - Landsman.

MYERS, George R. - 2nd Class Fireman.

O'BRIEN, Thomas - Landsman.

PASCALL, Samuel - Landsman - Mulatto - Born in Baltimore, MD. Enlisted 25 Jan `64 in Baltimore, MD; a 34 year old Cook & Waiter. Killed 17 April 1864 at Plymouth, NC.

PETERSON, John - Seaman.

POPE, Austin - Landsman.

POWERS, George - Seaman.

REED, Wallace W. - Acting Master's Mate. Rated Acting Master's Mate 10 Sep 61. Resigned 9 Nov 64 due to illness.

ROSE, William - 1st Class Fireman - Killed 17 April 1864 at Plymouth, NC.

RUSSELL, T. S. - Acting Ensign.

SCHAPPART, Jacob - Coal Heaver.

SHARKS, Joshua - Landsman.

SHEA, Columbus - 1st Class Boy. Born about 1846 in Maryland, son of John Henry & Mary Ellen (Leary) Shea. Also served on the Allegheny. Enrolled 24 Nov 63. Mustered out 11 June 65. Married 5 July 1869 to Laura Virginia Shank. Living in Dunbar, Fayette Co., PA in 1890. Died 19 May 1892 in Dixmont Hospital, Allegheny Co., PA. Buried in Deer Park Cemetery, Garrett Co., MD. Headstone

SHERWOOD, John Roberts - Acting 3rd Assistant Engineer - Born 16 July 1843 in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD, son of John Porter & Rebecca (Fox) Sherwood. Enrolled 5 Jan 64. Wounded at Plymouth and sent to hospital. Mustered out 23 July 1869. Married to Isabella Miller. Died 25 April 1929 in Baltimore, MD. Buried in Druid Ridge Cemetery, Pikesville, Baltimore Co., MD. Headstone

SMITH, Peter - Seaman.

SMITH, Thomas - Landsman.

SOMERS, John - Seaman.

TENNIHAN, Patrick James - Landsman. He was born in Ireland around 1842 and lived in South Boston, MA. Served on the Ceres in 1861. Enrolled 10 Sept 61. Discharged 9 Sept 62. Married 6 Oct 1866 to Bridget L. O`Connor at St. Mary's Church, Boston, MA. They had 7 children. Died 24 July 1880 at Boston, MA. Bob Tennihan

TOUCHTON, William H. - 3d Assistant Engineer. Born about 1840 in Maryland. Rated Acting 3d Assistant Engineer 31 March 64. Honorably discharged 9 Jan 1866. Re-entered the Navy on 9 Oct 1866 as Acting 3d Assistant Engineer. Assigned to the USS Daffodil on the North Atlantic Squadron in 1867. Mustered out 28 April 1869. Widow Susan re-married to Joshua L. Beaumont.

WESKETT, Samuel M. - Acting Ensign. Discharged 14 Aug 65.

WILSON, Peter - Carpenter's Mate.

WOOD, John - Landsman.

WOODHULL, Byron Joseph - Pay Steward. Born 4 April 1841 in Pultneyville, Wayne Co., NY, the son of Ezra R. & Elizabeth (Waters) Woodhull. Enlisted 10 Feb `64. Mustered out 15 Feb `65. Married Louise Stanford. Died 30 Oct 1911 in Pultneyville, Wayne Co., NY and buried in Lakeview Cemetery. Headstone