Who We Are

This non-profit, tax exempt, 501c3 organization became "official" during February of 1996, forming out of the friendships that descendants developed through meeting at Plymouth, NC during its annual Living History Weekends, which began in 1991. Each year the number of descendants attending the weekend grew and with their participation the amount of information about the battle and its participants grew. Soon it became apparent that there was so much information available out there about the "Plymouth Pilgrims" that we needed to get organized; thereby making this information available to all who were interested.

We are attempting to get this organization back on the right track. Currently, we are not publishing a newsletter and aren't accepting membership dues until we have a newsletter. However, please e-mail us and we will get you on our e-mail list of upcoming events and information that will be of interest.

One of our main goals is to get a monument erected at Plymouth memoralizing the forces who fought there. Donations are graciously accepted! We're planning for 2014, the 150th Anniversary of the battle.

The main event that we participate in is the Living History Weekend at Plymouth, NC. We have also participated in events at Andersonville and intend to plan events at other places of interest to the Plymouth Pilgrims as well.