Union Forces involved with the April 1864

Battle of Plymouth, NC

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Civilians - Roster


Union Forces

Estimated at 2,834; not including Navy.

General Henry Walton Wessells, Sub-District of the Albemarle,

4th Division, 18th Army Corps

16th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry - Website

2nd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery - Companies G & H - Roster

2nd NC Union Volunteers (Loyal Troops) - Companies B & E - Roster

12th NY Cavalry - Companies A & F - Website | Roster

24th Independent Battery New York Light Artillery - Website

85th New York Volunteer Infantry - Website and Roster

3d PA Heavy Artillery - Detachment of Battery A on board the Bombshell - Roster

101st Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry - Website | Civil War Letters of Sgt. E. N. Boots

103d Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry - Website | Another 103rd PA Website

10th U.S. Colored Infantry - Detachment - Roster

37th U.S. Colored Infantry - Recruits - Roster

2nd U.S. Colored Cavalry - Recruits - Roster

Men from Various Other Regiments Captured at Plymouth, NC

Union Naval Forces

Estimated at 410 Naval Personnel

Under the command of Lieutenant Commander Charles W. Flusser

U.S.S. Miami

U.S.S. Southfield

U.S.S. Massasoit 

U.S.S. Whitehead

U.S.S. Ceres

Bombshell (U.S. Army Gunboat)


Thomas Collyer

DeWitt Clinton