Roster of the U.S. Army Gunboat Bombshell

Sunk April 18th, 1864 by Confederate Batteries. Raised by the Confederates after the battle. Re-captured May 5, 1864 by the Federals in Albemarle Sound.


Other than the members of the Detachment of Battery A, 3rd PA Heavy Artillery who were onboard the Bombshell, only one other Sailor is known at this time. For additions, please contact Edward Boots.


BRINKERHOFF, Harry - Captain. Also served as Captain on the North State. Not in command during the Battle of Plymouth.

STOKES, Thomas B. - Acting Ensign - Born 19 July 1835 in England and a resident of New York. Rated Acting Ensign on 13 Oct 1862. Assigned to the USS Southfield in 1864, but commanded the Bombshell during the Battle of Plymouth. Captured 19 April 64 at Plymouth, NC. Exchanged 18 Oct 64 at Aikens Landing, VA. Honorably discharged 31 August 1865. Married to Emeline. Died 15 Oct 1887. Buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Ruthven, Palo Alto Co., Iowa. Headstone