Roster of the 103d PA Infantry

O’CONNOR, Thomas: Pvt.; age 34; Co. I; Dec. 16, 61. May 31, 62 Battle of Fair Oaks/7 Pines: WIA and or MIA. June 12, 62 NY Times: WIA, breast. Casuality Sheet: KIA Fair Oaks. .

O’DONNELL, James W.: 1st. Sgt.; Co. D; m: Sep. 25, 61. May 31, 62 Battle of Fair Oaks/7 Pines: KIA May 31 or June 1 (mil.). June 3, 62: KIA or died wounds (Regt.).  June 12, 62 NY Times: KIA.

OLER (OHLER), John: Pvt.; age 43 (Regt.); Co. F; m: Dec. 7, 61. 1862 Harr. Landing Camp: sick. March 28, 63 New Bern: discharged, Surg. Cert.-born Columbia, Ohio 56 blue eyes light heir 5’8” farmer rheum debility  disease. May 28, 63 pension #24068/24607. Request for Fed. Headstone: died May 5, 78; Shippenville Lutheran Cem. buried - Co. F 103 PA INF ((no dates)).

OILER, Samuel: Pvt.; age 35; Co. G; m: Jan. 10, 62. Aug. 10, 62 - Feb. 63 Point Lookout, Md., Hsp.: sick. Feb. 3, 64 Plymouth veteran - born Armstrong Co. 37  grey eyes  dark hair  5’5”  laborer. Apr. 20, 64 Plymouth POW Anders. Died Anders.: Aug. 22, 64 (Regt.);  Aug. 24, 64 dysentery (mil.).  Anders. Nat. Cem. #6658 buried.. Nov. 13, 65 widow Elizabeth pension #115207/75142. (?) minor pension #933740/706129.    (file at Vet. Admin.)

OLIVER, William: Pvt.; Co. D; m: Nov. 13, 61. April 20, 64 Plymouth POW Anders. Aug. 9, 64 Anders.: died, dysen. Anders. Nat. Cem. #5184 buried. Jan 23, 65 widow Ann pension #80128/XC966505/143647.

ORR, James W.: Pvt.; Co. I; m: Dec. 16, 61. April 7, 62 Newport News Hsp.: measles. April 7, 62 Newport News Hosp.: measles, trfd. June 19 Baltimore Stewart’s Mansion Hsp. April 10, 62 Baltimore: sick. Aug. 13, 62 Baltimore: discharged, disease, Surg. Cert. - born Butler Co. 21 dark hair and eyes 5’10½’’ yeoman chr rheum. . June 09, 88 pension #659269/511341. 1890 Census: no dates; res.: Bruin. Aug. 20, 96 Butler reunion; res.: Bruin. Nov. 15, 08 died.  History by Bates: listed him a deserter,  Pa. Legislature ordered correction.

ORR, John P.: Pvt.; Co. D; m: papers lost (mil.). Feb. 9, 64 Harrisburg muster papers - born Clarion Co. 18 brown eyes sandy hair 5’9½’’. Reported as reenlisting but “no official papers’ in file. April 20, 64 Plymouth POW Anders. Salisbury Richmond. July 14, 64 Salisbury Hosp.: wounds (Original Reg. Rebel Prison Hosp., Salisbury). Discharged from Hosp. Salisbury (Salisbury Prison by L. A. Brown.). Paroled: Feb. 24, 65 Aikens Landing (mil.); Feb. 27 or 28, 65 (Regt.). March 9-April 13, 65 furlough. April 23, 65 Camp Distribution, Va. May 1, 65 to Cpl. June 25, 65 discharged. July 21, 65 pension #79108/65616: April 20, 64 Battle of  Plymouth wounded in the right arm breaking the bone, POW, taken from Plymouth up Roanoke River by flat boat attached to CSN COTTON PLANT  then rail to Salisbury, in rebel prisons until Feb. 20, 65, arm was cut down to the bone and pieces from both ends sawn off and the bones united leaving a long deep gutter on the inside of my arm, partly attached to the bone, cannot bend my arm more than half way with great pain, Oct. 23, 64 Salisbury Hosp. again, Richmond Feb. 22, 65. 1890 Census: m: Dec. 63-June 25, 65, GSW right arm; res.: Putneyville. Feb. 9, 96 Putneyville died. April 10, 96 widow Katurah pension #632364/449935.

OTTO, Christopher M.: Pvt.; Co. H, 13 Pa. Inf.; m: April 20, 61 Butler. Aug. 6, 61 discharged. 1st. Lt.; age 24; Co. E; m: Dec. 7, 61. June 4, 62 NY Times: May 31, 62 Battle of 7 Pines/Fair Oaks WIA foot, sent to White House, Va. by railroad. GENERAL ORDERS No. 16.I. Before a General Court Martial, convened at Suffolk, Va., October 13th, 1862, pursuant to General Orders, No. 11, October 12th, 1862, from these Head Quar­ters, was arraigned and tried: 1st Lieutenant Christian M. Otto, of the 103d Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. CHARGE: “Leaving quarters when under arrest.” Specification on the 8th day of October, 1862,  Lieutenant Christian M. Otto, of the 103d Pennsylvania Volunteers, who had becn placed under arrest for neglect of duty, by the Colonel Commanding said Regiment, left his quarters, and walked out away from Camp without previously being liberated, con­trary to Article 77 of the Articles of War for the Government of the Armies of the United States. This at Camp near Suffolk, Va.”  To which Charge and Specification the accused pleaded as follows: ‘‘Not Guilty.” After mature deliberation upon the evidence, the Court finds the accused, 1st Lieutenant Christian M. Otto, 103d Pennsylvania Volunteers, as follows “Guilty.” And the Court does therefore sentence him, 1st. Lientenant Christian M. Otto, 103d Pennsylvania Volunteers, To be Cashiered. The proceedings in the foregoing case having been transmitted to Major General Dix Commanding Department of Virginia, have been approved by him and the sen­tence confirmed. 1st Lieutenant Christian N. Otto accordingly ceases from this date to be an officer in the service of the United States (RG 153KK461). Oct. 28, 62: resigned (Regt). Request for Federal Headstone: July 18, 86 died, Butler St. Andrews U. P. Cem.. buried.  1890 Census: widow Caroline; m: April 20, 61 - Aug. 6, 61 Pvt. Co. H 13 Pa.; Nov. 13, 61-Nov. 15, 62 1st. Lt. Co. E 103 Pa.; res.: Manorville. Dec. 23, 90 widow Louisa Caroline pension #494445/rejected, husband not honorably discharged from the Army.